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Gourmet Coffees by Little House on the Prairie Museum




Gourmet Coffees exclusively offered by Little House on the Prairie Museum.  Our coffee is roasted right here in Kansas to our specifications.  The roaster starts with 100% High Grown Arabica beans, which means you receive the freshest and most satisfying coffee around.  We offer 38 specialty flavors and 12 straight coffees in whole bean or ground, and in both regular and decaffeinated blends.  Kansas is famous for tall grass, sunflowers and Van Gogh skies...not exactly coffee trees.  But plains Native Americans combined natural berries and herbs to create remarkable beverages.  We believe our coffee offers similar exciting blends for the modern world. 

Our supplier starts with high grown Arabica beans (the most prized coffee grown), imported from the finest coffee growing regions of the world. After personally inspecting and sampling each load, they ship the selected beans directly to their roasting plant in Wichita, Kansas. There, the raw beans are blended and flame roasted to exacting specifications, assuring you of the freshest, most tantalizing coffee served. Your coffee is guaranteed fresh, delicious and consistent, order after order, cup after cup.  1lb. and 12oz. sizes available, regular or decaf., whole bean or ground. 

  • From high-grown Arabica beans, the most prized coffee grown
  • Blended and flame roasted
  • Packaged in zip-lock bag               

Angel Lace Gourmet Coffee

Toasted Almond Gourmet Coffee  

Almond Chocolate Amaretto Gourmet Coffee 

Almanzo's Amaretto Gourmet Coffee

Ma's Banana Cream Pie Gourmet Coffee

Ma's Blueberry Cobbler Gourmet Coffee

Pa's Butter Rum Candy Gourmet Coffee

Mr. Scott's Cherry Chocolate Gourmet Coffee

Swiss Chocolate Almond Gourmet Coffee

Chocolate Hazelnut Gourmet Coffee

Charlotte's Chocolate Macadamia Gourmet Coffee

Chocolate Mint Gourmet Coffee

Chocolate Orange Gourmet Coffee

Chocolate Raspberry Gourmet Coffee

Carrie's Cinnamon Gourmet Coffee

Cinnamon Macadamia Gourmet Coffee

Mary's Coconut Candy Gourmet Coffee


Carrie's Cookies and Cream Gourmet Coffee

Crème Brulee Gourmet Coffee

Little House Dark Roast Gourmet Coffee

Ma's Dutch Apple Cinnamon Pie Gourmet Coffee

Mr. Edwards' English Toffee Gourmet Coffee

Laura's Hazelnut Gourmet Coffee

Mr. Edward's Irish Cream Gourmet Coffee

Mary's Macadamia Nut Gourmet Coffee

Mary's Macaroon Cookie Gourmet Coffee

Little House Medium Roast Gourmet Coffee

Pa's Pecan Gourmet Coffee

Carrie's Snickerdoodle Cookies Gourmet Coffee

Tiramisu Gourmet Coffee

Laura's Vanilla Gourmet Coffee

Vanilla Nut Gourmet Coffee

Viennese Cinnamon Gourmet Coffee